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This easy to use $20 device can help you determine if you have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The Pulse Oximeter!

If you suspect you have thoracic outlet syndrome you can get this relatively inexpensive tool to painlessly monitor your pulse rate. If the thoracic outlet is narrowed the subclavian artery can get compressed and either decrease the pulse strength or the pulse can disappear. This is immediately followed by the patient complaining of numbness or […]

Why must your doctor know human spring biomechanics to treat your thoracic outlet syndrome without surgery?

Why must your doctor know the biomechanics of your human springs to treat you for thoracic outlet syndrome? What is the evidence that your doctor does not use biomechanics in the treatment of your thoracic outlet syndrome? Clue 1 – Your doctor doesn’t take the time to ask you detailed questions about activities of your […]

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