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Miles Orr


In December 2020, I suffered a blood clot in my subclavian vein after a workout. The doctors dissolved the clot then recommended to me and my family I have my first rib and scalenes surgically removed to prevent another clot. The cause of the clot was thoracic outlet syndrome.

After this, my father did some research into TOS where he found and read Dr Stoxen’s book, The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

He contacted Dr Stoxen by phone where Dr Stoxen said that the doctors that were treating me with the blood thinners had no way to gauge if my thoracic outlet was open as to when to come off the blood thinners. Also, the physiotherapists did not have a good game plan to open the outlet. We agreed but with Covid it wasn’t safe for me to go to Chicago and the US government banned travel to the US.

So, I had a purple/white swollen arm for 10 months. I was told not to do any exercise of any kind and I should refrain from lifting my arms over my head. I was scared I could get another clot at any moment.

I went to the top doctors on Harley Street in Marylebone, central London, which has been noted since the 19th century for its large number of private specialists in medicine and surgery. Doctors did an MRI where I had my arm over my head while I opened and closed my hand. This is when my arm went purple and white. The doctors said I needed a first rib resection.

Dr Stoxen told my dad on the phone that the shoulder is the roof of the tunnel and the first rib was the floor of the tunnel. If I am lifting the shoulder up then I am lifting the roof off the tunnel and first rib. Dr Stoxen said this is cause when the pectoralis minor, coracobrachialis and biceps short head is stretched across the tunnel causing the narrowing and the symptoms and obviously not the first rib elevation. That made sense and when we finally met with him in October, he was 100% right.

In October 2021 Dr Stoxen contacted my father to let him know he would be in London treating another TOS patient so we arranged to meet with him and get his treatment,

When Dr Stoxen pushed his thumb into my scalene muscles, they were not painful. When he checked my first rib motion and position the first rib was not elevated and moving fine. When he checked the biceps short head, coracobrachialis and pec minor there was a severe painful muscle contraction in these muscles causing the compression in the costoclavicular space, and retropectoralis minor space and not from an elevated first rib and scalene tension. I would still have the purple ice-cold arm and pain after the surgery.

Dr Stoxen carefully evaluated me for all potential areas of compression where he found a muscle spasm choking off the blood to my hand.

After 5 days all the pain with the pressure points to my muscles was gone, the outlet was open, the normal colour came back to my arm, the arm and hand were warm again and the swelling in the arm was finally gone.

The next morning, we met in the gym of the hotel where he taught me the proper form and technique for the exercises of the muscles that would open my thoracic outlet and strengthen it.

If you have thoracic outlet syndrome and are considering first rib and scalene resection remember this is a life experience that can go either way. You cannot put the muscles and ribs back in when you find out the compression is somewhere else. I would highly recommend you call Dr Stoxen and get a second opinion.


Max Boone


I met Dr Stoxen through Ed Coan, widely regarded throughout the powerlifting world as the greatest powerlifter of all time. My friend Coan has set over 71 world records in powerlifting.

My roommate was in so much pain when he woke up he could not lift his head off the bed. I called Ed Coan because he would know who to call. He recommended his chiropractor for 35 years, Dr James Stoxen.

My roommate called him and told him how severe his pain was. Dr Stoxen said he would open up a slot to see him right away. My roommate told him he was in so much pain he could not sit or stand. Dr Stoxen said, “No problem, Ill come to you and treat you as a house call. Dr Stoxen came to our condo, we made him coffee and he worked on my roommate for 4 hours until his pain subsided enough to get out of bed with much less pain and function. He treated him another 6 or 7 treatments and he was completely restored to a pain free state.

I am a 4x university national champion in Olympic weightlifting and won two national titles in powerlifting. When I got a severe hip pain that wasn’t going away it effected my training.

Dr Stoxen looks at the body differently than any other doctor. Instead of looking at the area of pain he examines and treats you as a giant human spring. He named the biomechanical model the integrated spring mass model AKA the Human Spring. This I found out from reading his blog posts and his best selling book that it is an advancement of the spring-mass model proposed by Harvard university scientists.

He did a gait study, to determine how my body interacted with earth and gravity. He immediately found a weakness in the spring suspension system muscle that held my foot on center with my spring mechanism stacked on top. The over rolling of my foot caused strain on my hip which caused involuntary muscle contractions, inflammation and pain.

He recommended the perfect footwear which corrected the weakness, treated me with deep tissue for hours and gave me specific training regimine to correct my weakness. I noticed the difference right away and now I am back to competitive weightlifting stronger than ever.

If you are a competitive lifter, Dr Stoxen got his experience working as the doctor for the American Powerlifting Federation for almost a decade starting when he was 25 years old. He has wisdom, experience and an approach that is like no other doctor in the world.

I can highly recommend Dr Stoxen to anyone who is serious about training.

Jeff Peek

Jeff Peek


Professional guitar player with severe chronic thoracic outlet syndrome 30 years, symptoms reversed completely in a week by Dr Stoxen:

I started off on track to be a professional guitar player, and was majoring in Music at a top music school. At age 19 or 20 years, I started suffering from chronic neck pain, upper back pain, pain between the shoulder blades, shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness, elbow pain, wrist pain, hand and pain in the fingers.

The condition got worse over the years, exacerbating thoracic outlet syndrome (although I didn’t know the diagnosis) where I suffered with severe numbness and tingling in the arm, hands and fingers. What scared me as a guitarist/musician is that my arm and grip strength got noticeably weaker and my facility declined. I often told my students “I’m a lefty who plays righty, and then my left hand went numb, so I have two bad hands and…I play slow and pretty.” We would all laugh good-naturedly, but to me it was a “gallows humor” laugh.

While this suffering led to giving up my passion of being a professional musician, I was still able to teach music at a local high school and run a successful program. Because of such chronic suffering on a daily basis, however, I started suffering from chronic fatigue, with accompanying anxiety, stress and eventually depression.

A good friend of mine had been suffering just like me. She went to Dr Stoxen and got substantial relief from thoracic outlet syndrome. Her husband is a doctor and he went with her to the examination.

I contacted Dr Stoxen and even though he was totally booked up he spent more time with me on the phone than all the other doctors did on the initial examination – a full hour! On the first examination he spent over 3 hours reviewing my entire history, and gave me an examination. During the examination he explained every finding and what it meant in great detail in a way I could easily understand. Unfortunately he had other patients coming in from out of the state and the earliest he could see me was in 2 weeks.

He recommended the Vibeassage therapeutic massager in meantime, and instructed me how to treat myself with it. I worked every day on myself with the Vibeassage. Ive tried many of these (the hammer-type massagers and massage chairs etc) and this little monster is the best.

He also recommended that during this time I read his book on how to treat thoracic outlet syndrome, The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He also recommended I read the book, How I Got My Wiggle Back by Anthony Field. I read both.

“The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome” was very logical and made sense. “How I Got My Wiggle Back,” written by another one of Dr Stoxen’s many celebrity patients Anthony Field (front man for the famed children’s TV artists “The Wiggles”), I saw many similarities in my plight. With Dr Stoxen’s approach Anthony Field overcame 20 years with chronic pain, clinical depression, misdiagnosed fibromyalgia and suicidal thoughts after losing hope from not improving after seeing more doctors and therapists than me. This was encouraging.

I got treated every day for 5 days and at the end I was completely pain free for the first time. I have never seen a doctor that dedicated and completely involved in a treatment process before! But the numbness and tingling I had for years were gone, and the circulation came back to my arm. For the first time in decades my hands were warm. That 3rd night I went home thrilled to touch my wife’s cheek, telling her “See! Warm hands!!”

Next we started active rehabilitation. We did all the training exercises in his book. After only 3 weeks of training/PT I am still completely pain free. I feel lighter, happier, less anxious, no depression,

I know many give up and get surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome. My recommendations to any of you who are suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome and chronic pain is to read his book, call him, go see him and let him work his magic. He knows what he is doing, so just listen to him. You won’t regret it.

Rosie T.


Dr. Stoxen is for real. Honestly, I was skeptical. His accolades seemed too good to be true. But, I have suffered from numerous health issues and seen a neurologist and most recently a vascular surgeon due to having Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I’ve been to chiropractors, an acupuncturist and Chinese Herbologist. The latest recommendation from my medical team was for three months of physical therapy and if that didn’t work: surgery.

We decided that it was worth a shot. What could be worse than a vascular surgeon taking out a rib or cutting a muscle in my neck? All of this seems so extreme, but I lost my voice, my arms go numb when I sleep, and I’m always in spasms. Sometimes I feel like I can’t take in a proper breath.

Dr. Stoxen spent three solid days treating me. I could not understand what could take hours and hours. The fact is that undoing the mess in my body can’t be done in a 45 minute visit, even if it was multiple times a week for months. As soon as you feel improved, everything spasms right back up. Dr. Stoxen’s approach is for the long haul. The massage machine he uses (and invented, and used on his many fascinating past clients) is like an inflammation power washer, driving all the junk out of your muscles and tissues.

I feel better. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a major change in my health. I’m tired of doctor appointments and pain.

Ilya Perelman


Dr. Stoxen has helped me tremendously, because of him I am now lifting weights 3x a week and on the path to living a pain free life. I have had MRIs, X-Rays and an EMG all coming back negative and seen several doctors offering various diagnoses that ended up being dead ends in terms of treatment. I have been in pain for 2 1/2 years with months and months of PT with little improvement. I found Dr. Stoxen’s book on TOS and called him to come out to help me because the idea of the human body and it’s individual muscles working as an integrated spring system and the unique approach to restoring this spring system to relieve chronic pain made a lot of sense and sounded really promising.

He came out to treat me and diagnosed me with mild TOS on the right side as well as severe Forearm Compartment Syndrome, which usually requires surgery to cut open the arms and drain out the fluid. The TOS was mild and only on one side so he got through that in about a day and half of deep tissue and vibration massage. We then started on the forearms and when he first used his vibration massager on my forearms, they swelled up with fluid and when pressed down left large pits (pitting edema). He continued to push out the fluid daily with the massager as well as do hours upon hours of deep tissue to release the muscle spasms in my forearms. This work was grueling and very taxing on Dr. Stoxen but he was determined to release the spasms. The alternative to this treatment could have meant surgery, which I was determined to avoid as it would leave a lot of scarring and may not have resolved my issues entirely.

I cannot express how grateful I am for how many extra hours he put in to make sure to get my arms functional again. The work was very taxing on his arms and he still worked overtime 12-14 hours every day and even gave me an extra free day because he was so committed to getting me better before he left.

On top of the compartment syndrome, I also had cold, pale hands with little blood flow – He had never seen this before yet was determined to fix this issue as well. The forearm work wasn’t working on my cold hands so he had the idea to try some deep tissue directly on my wrist and palms, that along with holding my hands on the massager for extended periods of time finally cleared up the blockage and the blood flowed back into my hands, they swelled up and tingled – and are now warm and their color returned to normal. It turns out I had compression in the Tunnel of Guyon and that was that cause of my hand symptoms – none of my doctors previously had noticed this.

On the last few days he showed me the proper form and technique for the weight lifting exercises I now do 3x a week and I haven’t missed a workout. I also use the massager am getting better daily. I am very grateful for Dr. Stoxen coming out to treat me and putting in the time and extra effort, without him I don’t believe I would have been able to get to this point – he has helped me more than any doctor or physical therapist I have seen. He put in all the initial work that I needed and wasn’t able to do on my own to allow me to continue to work on myself and get on the path to be pain free and feeling like myself again. It’s been about 2 months and a few of my pains still come and go so I’m not entirely out of the woods yet but I can see myself getting back to 100% soon, I am getting my life back day by day and for that I am very grateful to Dr. Stoxen.

Sean Baron

Sean Baron

Book and Massager Changed my life that was burdened by NTOS!


I suffered with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome for three years ( I gave myself this issue by doing the monkey bars at the gym and lifting weights too quick too soon) with little relief and a TREMENDOUS amount of pain! I went to specialists and top docs for NTOS and had all tests that were pretty much benign. I did not think surgery was a cure.

I stumbled upon this book on my Kindle and read it cover to cover. Dr. Stoxen himself suffered with this awful syndrome and understands it in and out. After reading I ended up purchasing his professional grade Massage Assist in Mid December of 2020. I have used it EVERY night I have been home since then! (about 5 months straight) I use it in bed while watching TV and massage all of the muscles that are around the thoracic outlet.

I have seen so much relieve and have been very happy with this Massage Assist!!! My kids use it too! Besides helping calm down the inflammation in my muscles, it reduces stress and anxiety and can be used on all areas of aches and pains.
I was hesitant to purchase at first because it is investment (because it is a professional grade massager.)

Plus I had tried so many interventions to try to help my issue. But I am SO GLAD I gave this a shot it really works for me!!! My kids love it too and use it while we watch TV at night. I sometimes use it for 2 hours!
Dr. Stoxen was in communication with me and helping learn how to use it along the way! Live changing for me!!!

Ilya P.

Understanding the human spring and how it can help get you out of chronic pain


Whether you have TOS or another form of chronic pain, understanding how the human body works as an integrated spring system and treating it as such can help you get out pain. Dr. Stoxen outlines in great detail how in the case of TOS, each of the many individual muscles of your thoracic outlet are being kept in a spasm by your brain and details how you can treat yourself to release these spasms to restore the natural spring function of your thoracic outlet.

This idea and treatment can be applied to any muscle in your body to restore the natural spring mechanism and release chronic pain. The deep tissue work along with the vibration massage to remove inflammation is a game changing approach – you just need to put in the time. Once you have released the spasms, this book also outlines exercises to do and lifestyle changes to make to keep you from going back into a state of chronic pain. I definitely recommend this book to anyone suffering from chronic pain as you won’t learn about this approach anywhere else and it could save you from surgery.


Andrew Tintle

Highly Recommend: empowering knowledge and action plan to treat thoracic outlet syndrome.


I had gone undiagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome for years. Once I finally got the diagnosis from my doctor, I thought that I would finally start getting the help I needed to get better. I quickly found out that the treatments being recommended (physical therapy) was not going to be enough on its own. I just had this feeling that the issue I was dealing with required more than light strength training alone and pain medication, but that was all I really was able to get.

After many, many months of no progress. I finally started doing research on my own to try and find some information which led me to Dr. Stoxen’s book. It’s a big book, and being a musician by trade I never imagined I would be reading such a lengthy book about a medical issue I was dealing with. But, I really wanted to get better so I decided to read it from cover to cover, taking notes all along the way.

After years of suffering, this mysterious condition I was dealing with finally started making sense – it felt like he really understood what I was going through. After years of being in pain, I finally felt “heard”, like my condition was finally being taken seriously. It would be an understatement to say that Dr. Stoxen’s book was a godsend. For the first time in years I felt empowered and that there was hope for treating this condition.

It’s a long read, and he repeats a lot of the information many times which is a good thing! By the time you have read the whole book, you won’t just understand your condition, you will actually KNOW what is going and and WHAT to do about it. Being able to actually talk intelligently (with medical terms) about my condition while seeing my doctor feels great and makes me more confident advocating for myself.

As a side note, I wanted to mention that I contacted Dr. Stoxen directly and ordered one of his portable power massagers. In speaking with Dr. Stoxen 2 things became very clear to me – he is very knowledgeable about all aspects relating to this condition and that he truly cares about seeing people get better. I wish all the doctors and medical professionals I have worked with demonstrated this level of concern for their patients as Dr. Stoxen.

For all the reasons stated above, I highly recommend purchasing this book, taking your time to read the whole book, and contacting Dr. Stoxen if you think you’re interested in one of his power massagers. Since implementing the advice in his book, I’ve already started seeing a lot of improvement just in a couple of weeks (after suffering for years with little improvement, this is huge). The feeling of empowerment and confidence after reading his book was worth every penny.



Book Review - I’m glad I bought this book


I am really happy I purchased this book. It is easy to understand and extremely relatable. It was almost comforting to know that Dr. Stoxen also struggled with TOS for so many years and that he actually recovered. I have been living with chronic pain for about five years now and have been bounced around from one specialist to another spending money unnecessarily and with no answers. I have been doing my research for a really long time and more recently I had started to believe that I had TOS, but too scared to be ridiculed or thought of as that crazy patient, I never really brought this up to any of my doctors; I can’t even really believe that I had to since they are the doctor, but no one ever even suggested this to me as a possibility. I recently started seeing a chiropractor and he suggested I may have TOS. My first thought was, I just knew it! After this diagnosis I started researching TOS extensively and I came across Dr. Stoxen‘s book. The book might as well have been written about me! For once in a really long time I feel hopeful that there is actually a solution for me that didn’t involve surgery. I found the book to be extremely educational and explained a lot of my problems and why they’re happening in a way that made a lot of sense to me. I can’t yet speak on being “cured“ since I just bought the book recently, but it has given me the hope and the motivation to pursue a solution.


Amazon Customer

Book Review - Best book written on TOS.


No matter what tos you where diagnosed with Dr Stoxen teaches you that the cause and treatment is the same as you shouldn’t categorize tos. It has well detailed pictures and exercises which are very helpful as well. It offers every detail you need to know on what causes TOS and how to self treat it. It’s about 500 pages so it’s long but well worth the read.


Anastasiya Christiansen

Book Review - This book saved my life.


I first realized I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome after the second month of suffering from it. By then, I could not hold up my head, I had numbness and pain in both arms and hands, and I had full blown hear attack symptoms. I was in ER twice. Local chiropractors and doctors did not really give me a diagnosis, just said it was musculoskeletal. Chiropractors helped relieve a few symptoms but the pain would come back in a few days.

I started doing my own research on my condition and realized with the help of Google that I have TOS. I went on Amazon to searched for any info on this topic and came across Dr. Stoxen’s book. This book describes in extensive detail what the condition is, what causes it, what life changes need to be made, what muscles are involved, what specialists to see, and what exercises to do to get this condition resolved.

Dr. Stoxen is without a doubt THE BEST doctor to consult (or better yet, get treated by) for TOS!

Please, before you sign up for any surgery, get this book, purchase Dr. Stoxen’s Massage Assist massager tool, and work on releasing all those trigger points that he mentions in his book. Or better yet, email him (contact info is in his book) with any questions you might have and he WILL respond fast!

I am SO SO glad I stumbled upon this book! Do not hesitate- purchase it!


Anastasiya Christiansen

My TOS is gone and all other related symptoms was gone in 6 days!!


Two months ago I had an episode of excruciating and scary chest pain, neck pain, arm pain and numbness (both sides, but mostly right). That calmed down to allow me to function however what happened next was really scary.

I then started having chest pains, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and dizziness. I ended up in Emergency Room where a cardiologist ruled out a heart attack or a heart related issue. For two weeks after that, I went to two different chiropractors who seemed to help temporarily. No one even mentioned thoracic outlet syndrome at that time.

One week later I started feeling worse again. The chiropractor was not able to adjust the first rib. I went online and after a day of research, I realized that I have thoracic outlet syndrome and it was getting worse every day.

I stumbled upon Dr Stoxen’s book on Amazon and I purchased it right away. Dr Stoxen describes many ways to ease the pain and symptoms of TOS in the book and some people have reversed it with this method however since my TOS was advanced and I was incapacitated at this point I realized that I needed professional help. I knew no one was able to help me in Kansas City so I reached out to talk to Dr Stoxen.

Mar 29, 2021 – A 4 hour long phone conversation with Dr Stoxen and I am shocked

I was getting worse by the hour and had not had a full nights sleep for days. I could not sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.

I told Dr Stoxen I was in no condition at all to travel so he calmly stated “No problem, Ill come treat you in your home.”

Dr Stoxen came to Kansas City the next day, set up a portable treatment table and had a massager called the Massage Assist too. He took 2 hours to examine me and explained all the findings in great detail. After the examination my stress was alleviated because I was confident he would be able to help me. He said he estimated the treatment would take 5 days to root out.

He worked on me relentlessly for hours and after two days I started feeling a little better. On the 5th day he discovered my abdominal muscles were extremely tight and painful to the touch. He worked to release the pain and inflammation from my abdominal wall which allowed me to get a deep breath and reduced my anxiety immensely. He also addressed my hips and my feet.

On the morning of the 6th day I was almost symptom free. He trained me with dumbbells we had in the basement to open and strengthen the thoracic outlet. After he left, I went to three follow up appointments to my local chiropractor to maintain the ribs. The exercises Dr. Stoxen gave me only tame me 20 minutes to do and I have been training every other day for a month now without any complications or exacerbations.

My TOS is gone and all other related symptoms was gone in 6 days!

Don’t hesitate to call or email him, especially if you are considering a surgery. He is the BEST doctor in his field!!


Yash Mahapatra

Pro Soccer player with Severe Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Reversed in 6 days!


My name is Yash. I was provided a contract to play professional soccer at age 17 and until a year ago was making my way to a long career as a professional soccer player.

After a knee injury I had surgery and was told to rest and elevate my leg. During that time I did a lot of texting, internet research and computer work which led to a severe thoracic outlet syndrome.

I had a lot of pain all over my body. My thoracic outlet syndrome suffering caused me to postpone my knee rehabilitation which caused me to lose my contract as a pro soccer player and made me depressed.

I saw 13 doctors comprising of different neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons etc. I saw many physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. No one could help me. I was recommended for surgery for a rib resection and removal of my scalenes and pectoral muscle.

During that time I looked at every youtube video and every PT or chiropractor that was blowing up on the internet. Then I came across Dr. Stoxens book on Amazon, India. I read it thoroughly and understood what was happening to my body.

I realized some body parts are designed as levers like elbows, knees, anlkes and wrists and some body parts are designed as springs . You cannot examine and treat an area designed with spring mechanics with examinations and treatments that only work for levers. Its impossible to reverse a condition designed with springs with the treatments I was getting from the 13 doctors and therapists that failed before him.

It makes sense as every training method we learned in soccer like jumps, running drills and agility drills were using the body as a spring or plyometrics. The human body is designed as a spring and a lever yet all the doctors examined my levers, did MRI scans instead of touched me and the therapists were using treatments that would only help levers like knees and elbows when my thoracic outlet and spine was designed as a spring mechanism.

No wonder I wasn’t getting better.

I had to be treated by Dr Stoxen. He was my only hope but he was in Chicago and I was in India.I asked him if he would come to Dubai and treat me and he said “no problem”. We wired the funds to him and he left the next day to set up. I arrived a day later with my sister and he had the entire hotel room set up like a very relaxing treatment room. After only 3 hours into his treatment my pain was at its lowest its ever been in a year. He put his massager on me and it actually works. It removes inflammation from the muscles and leaves you with less pain. My numbness reduced to its lowest. He then did 40-50 hours of deep tissue on my muscles which was gruelling for him but he never complained. His hands were all swollen but he wanted me to be out of pain.

Besides curing my severe chronic TOS and saving me from surgery and the chronic pain and numbness, he took the time to examine my walking pattern and made recommendations for my knee rehab, He worked on my abs and I started breathing noticeably better. He unlocked the joints of my foot and I was walking with more spring and less pain.

Hes really good and he knows what he’s doing. Dr Stoxen, thank you for getting me the Vibeassage. It is helping reduce muscle tension, reduce inflammation and the muscle soreness from my leg rehabilitation. The best part is that I can treat myself instead of going back to those 13 different doctors and therapists that don’t get it. The thoracic outlet is designed as a spring, not a lever!

Thank you doctor Stoxen for getting me out of chronic TOS pain, depression and allow me to go for my dream to be a professional soccer player again.


Krista K.

A world class and pioneering approach to bring you back to optimal health.


As a former USA National Olympic Team Member, I have been exposed and treated by some of the world’s top doctors as well as had a history of recovering from injuries quickly.

When I started to experience shoulder pain chronically I tried everything to relive the pain, but nothing seemed to help. After reading this book, I finally had the medical answers for my shoulder pain and lack of motivation. If you have shoulder pain, want to save your time and have fantastic results, read “The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome”. Dr. Stoxen’s book features a world class and pioneering approach to bring you back to optimal health.

Amanda Blacksher

If I hadn't found him, I probably would have had ANOTHER disastrous surgery!


Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I developed TOS a year ago and was bounced around from doctor to doctor until finally being diagnosed last month. I had a very painful, expensive, and, it turns out, unnecessary carpal tunnel surgery that set me back even more and only delayed my ability to take on my TOS.

Having never heard of the condition, and being virtually crippled in my right hand, I was highly motivated to find out more, but was surprised how little TOS information there is on the Internet. The doctor who finally realized why my hands weren’t working ONLY discussed surgery with me, which I very much want to avoid, so I appreciate Dr. Stoxen’s commitment to educating TOS sufferers about their non-surgical options. If I hadn’t found him, I probably would have had ANOTHER disastrous surgery!

This book, and its methodology of muscle spasm release and strength rebuilding, is the only one of its kind. If you or someone you love suffer from TOS, Dr. Stoxen is a great source of information that you won’t find anywhere else. If you have TOS and can’t go visit him in Chicago, which I highly recommend you do, buy his massager and this book and find a good bodywork specialist to help work on you 3-4 times a week. It’s a heck of a lot better and cheaper than lining another surgeon’s pockets who just want to operate and collect their $!


Michelle A


Finding this book during Covid was a treasure as all of my treatments and help for a chronic injury (Thoracic Outlet syndrome) had come to a halt. The book explained Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. After being in Chiropractic, Accupuncture, PT, Physicians care no one had been able to explain what exactly was happening and why I was in so much pain.

The book not only helped me understand what was happening and why I wasn’t getting better but clearly defined that there is hope not only for healing but for those that thought they might need surgery. It clearly shows that there are much better options.

Further, by contacting Dr. Stoxen after reading the book, he took the time to learn about my injury and immediately sent me a massager that he designed and manufactured which reduced the terrible pain I was in by half! His understanding of this little know syndrome and the options presented in this book are a must read.



Through the treatment approach outlined in this book, you will be healed.


This is a MUST READ for anyone diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or anyone with chronic shoulder/back/neck pain. This book and treatment approach has COMPLETELY changed my life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

I have a similar history of chronic pain like many of the other reviews. I am 27 years old, and work as a project engineer for a construction company. I work demanding hours and have a stressful schedule. Beginning in 2018, I started to get chronic pain in my arm and hands. I tried to manage this conservatively for about a year with PT – nerve glides, graston technique, NSAIDs, stretches, etc. In 2019, after multiple conservative treatments, the doctors told me I had no options but surgery. As a result, I opted for the surgery and I had a radial tunnel release on my left side. Unfortunately, this surgery offered no relief for my symptoms.

As you can imagine, I was very discouraged and depressed. The orthopedic surgeon who did my radial tunnel release did not seem to care at all & I had no path forward. Fortunately, a PT I was working with suggested that I get checked for thoracic outlet syndrome and cervical radiculopathy (because I also had significant chronic pain in my neck/back/shoulders).

As a result, I went back to an osteopathic Dr. who then diagnosed me with neurogenic radial tunnel syndrome. He also ordered an MRI that showed a herniated disc, and I was experiencing excruciating pain in my neck as well. He referred me to a spinal surgeon and vascular surgeon to check the origin of the pain. Both of these doctors were unhelpful, and they recommended a spinal fusion/discectomy to treat the neck pain, and a rib resection/scalenectomy to treat the thoracic outlet syndrome. After doing research on these surgery prognosis, I was very fearful and skeptical. Not sure what to do, I continued to do more research and stumbled upon this book and Dr. Stoxen, who have changed my life forever.

This book has an approach to thoracic outlet syndrome that is based on science, and it works. Dr. Stoxen, who began as a celebrity doctor, has developed a treatment to address the cause of thoracic outlet syndrome & other compressive disorders – inflammation/muscle tension. This book is extremely thorough, and covers everything about TOS – the cause, the biomechanical model of the human body, the Western medicine treatment approach, his treatment approach (human Spring), and all of the science behind his approach. It is very well written, and a brilliant book. This book and treatment approach is the future of medicine.

I read this book, and went to Chicago for treatment with Dr. Stoxen. This treatment has healed me of my thoracic outlet syndrome. I am incredibly grateful and I hope that other people get healed of this very painful condition through this treatment approach. He truly cares about his patients, and I cannot thank him enough for what he is done for me and many others.

If you are dealing with thoracic outlets syndrome and are depressed/discouraged, there is hope for you. Through the treatment approach outlined in this book, you will be healed.

Thank you Dr. Stoxen, and God bless!


Conner Preston

Just three days work and I was 100% pain free and blood was flowing freely into my arms.  No surgery was required! 


I came to Dr Stoxen all the way from Texas where I was on a football scholarship at SMU.

During my junior season I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. I was suffering from neck pain, moderate to severe left shoulder pain, moderate to severe numbness in the fingers on the left, and, pain extending from the left shoulder into the arm.

The doctors in Texas examined me, ordered two CT scans, an ultrasound exam and said I needed surgery to remove my rib and important muscles of my neck.  If the surgery did not work out it would have ended my college sports career.

I traveled to see Dr Stoxen who told me I absolutely did not need surgery.  After only 3 days of treatment with him I no longer had symptoms and canceled the surgery.

I had this urge to crack my own neck about 3-4 times per day. Over time I saw my veins get larger and it seemed like the mass under my arm was getting larger so I thought that was part of the enlarged veins in the arm.

We contacted Dr Stoxen who spent 2 hours reviewing my case and reviewing the results of the studies with me and my father.  Dr Stoxen said that as long as there is no clot he could remove the compression on the thoracic outlet by restoring the spring to my shoulder and removing the compression on the blood vessels with specialized approach he developed.

When Dr Stoxen examined me the exam was much more thorough than the other doctors.  He checked the muscle strengths of all the muscles of my upper body then checked the tension of the 9 muscles that could compress my thoracic outlet. He found substantial muscle tension was the cause of the compression of my outlet and particularly the pectoralis minor muscle.

When I showed him my engorged vein in my arm he laughed and said “that is your triceps muscle.”  I showed him the other arm where it wasn’t there.  Then in the mirror he showed me how my other shoulder was restricted from being extended to reveal the triceps head and when he extended it to the normal range of motion the same exact bulge the doctors mistook for a engorged vein due to blockage of the blood was really the triceps muscle.  He was right!  I couldn’t believe the other doctors did not see this but I was relieved.

Dr Stoxen said that the reason why the subclavian vein looked so narrow in one of the studies was because my arms were elevated over my head.  If the pectoralis minor is in a contracted spasm, when you lift your arms up the vein gets “temporarily compressed”. He said that if he did deep tissue on the pectoralis minor muscle this sign on the CT scan would disappear.  So what we were told was scar tissue was simply a muscle spasm compressing the vein temporarily.

He also assured my father and I he could get all the pressure off my thoracic outlet in 3 days by treating me 3 hours in the morning, get lunch, treat me four hours in the afternoon, get dinner, then treat me another three hours in the evening for three days and that should decompress my thoracic outlet in 3 days.

Dr Stoxen did this power vibrating massage on me for one hour each session then two to three hours of hands on deep tissue of the muscles that were compressing the outlet.  At the end he gave me this first rib adjustment that I thought was shifting my entire rib cage down.  It was loud at first but as we went it got softer and softer.

On the third and final day he did 6 straight hours of deep tissue on my pectoralis minor muscle on the left.  After that I had absolutely no symptoms, my vein swelling went down.  He corrected the form and technique mistakes I was making working out and I have been training that way for 6 years straight without a return of any symptoms of TOS.

Just three days work and I was 100% pain free and blood was flowing freely into my arms.  No surgery was required!  Without Dr. Stoxen I would have not have been able to continue playing football at the highest level.


Krista K.

If you have shoulder pain, want to save your time and have fantastic results, read “The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome”.


As a former USA Team Member, I have been exposed and treated by some of the world’s top doctors as well as had a history of recovering from injuries quickly. When I started to experience shoulder pain chronically I tried everything to relive the pain, but nothing seemed to help. After reading this book, I finally had the medical answers for my shoulder pain and lack of motivation. If you have shoulder pain, want to save your time and have fantastic results, read “The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome”. Dr. Stoxen’s book features a world class and pioneering approach to bring you back to optimal health.


Kyle Craig


As a professional in the engineering field and an expert in biomechanics, I highly recommend you get this book! I was looking for a solution to my own knee and foot pains, and I came across Dr. Stoxen a couple years ago. He told me about this book, and it has changed the way I look at human motion. The model presented that Dr. Stoxen uses in his treatment methods is easy to understand and will change your life!




This guy is UNBELIEVABLE! I have TOS and have had it for several years so I know the tortures that go with it…ie; HELL! I spoke with Dr. Stoxen several times and found him very knowledgeable but just couldn’t seem to get myself to Chicago for his treatment. Sadly!

So here I am two years later (still suffering from poor care of local docs) reading his boom. I am BLOWN AWAY! He is spot on with EVERYTHING….. HE HAS IT DOWN TO A FREAKING SCIENCE! I really hope and pray I can get to see him one day (month) soon for his trusted treatment. Until then I will continue reading this book and try to help myself 🙂


LaShae Jenkins

Three years ago, my previous physician was ready to slice my throat open and remove a bone from my shoulder due to the excruciating pain I was having from my shoulder to my fingertips. Guessing a diagnosis, yet willing to perform a life altering surgery! By the grace of God, the surgeon had an emergency and cancelled my surgery while I waited in pre-op. A few days later, I met Dr. James Stoxen who diagnosed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome! He thoroughly explained the issue and treatment plan. After the first session, 50% of my pain was gone! Five sessions later, no pain, no surgery- CURED!!! Forever humbled and grateful to a coworker for introducing me to the best doctor ever!!! Read his book!!!

LaShae Jenkins

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Surgery? Five sessions later, no pain, no surgery- CURED!!!


When I tell you this doctor saved my life…🙌🏽. Three years ago, my previous (now fired) physician was ready to slice my throat open and remove a bone on my shoulder due to the excruciating pain I had. Guessing a diagnosis! 🤬By the grace of God, the surgeon had an emergency and cancelled my surgery while I waited on the table. Two days later, I met Dr. James Stoxen who diagnosed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome! After the first session, 50% of my pain was gone! Five sessions later, no pain, no surgery- CURED!!! Forever humbled and grateful to Thyatiria Towns for introducing me to the best doctor ever!!! Read this book!!! 🙌🏽 Team Doctors Chicago


Dr. Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO, FAASP

I’m one of Dr. Stoxen’s many thoracic outlet syndrome recovery stories


In 2002, I sustained a severe back injury during a workout in Australia. What scared me was I started developing herniated disc symptoms. I later found out I had a herniated disc that was so bad, it led to a severely pinched sciatic nerve in my lower back, causing severe lower back pain, numbness, and sciatica leg pain. I couldn’t sleep for days. The combination of no sleep, a herniated disc, a pinched nerve causing constant numbness and severe sciatic pain make me think surgery may help.

What’s worse was that this bulging disc was pinching the deeper portion of the nerve (the motor portion). I had developed a form of foot paralysis that is called a “drop foot or foot drop paralysis.” A drop foot gait is an abnormality in the pattern of walk called foot slapping gait or drop foot gait. This is where a person has a foot dragging due to severe damage to the sciatic nerve and/or the peroneal nerve of the leg.

Normally, there is no foot drop treatment. Usually an individual is rushed into spine surgery.

On top of the severe lower back condition, I had extreme neck and shoulder pain. I started to feel right arm tingling and numbness and the tingling sensation kept me up at night. When I looked in the mirror, I noted a general muscle mass decrease and, specifically, muscle atrophy in my shoulder and chest area. I had a severe case of thoracic outlet syndrome.

I had heard that Dr. Stoxen made several trips to the former Soviet Union to study the work of famed sports scientist, Yuri Verkhoshansky, the father of modern plyometrics. Doctors and scientists told me he had developed a new model based on Verkhoshansky’s research that was reversing severely herniated discs and thoracic outlet syndromes, so went to see him.

For more than 30 years we have been teaching doctors that the human body is designed to move with a series of levers. We examine you by asking you to bend and twist, while checking range of motion of your injured area.

Then, in 2002, Dr. Stoxen made this bold statement that it’s impossible by the laws of physics and nature for the body ONLY to move as a series of levers. He proved to the medical community that the way the body moves, protects itself from impacts, recycles energy, and, most important, how it’s engineered to open spaces and tunnels for the safe passage of blood vessels and nerves can only be accomplished with spring engineering. In a sense, the human body is engineered as a lever system and a spring.

Verkhoshansky’s new plyometric approach to training involves putting the body through impacts, and strengthening the body’s spring mechanisms has become a game changer. Dr. Stoxen’s new model of studying the body as a spring and examining and treating the human body as a spring based on Verkhoshansky’s research has become a game changer in medicine.

When your nerves are pinched in your lower back, and your blood vessels and nerves are pinched in your thoracic tunnel, you hope that his theory and treatment approach will work. You are hoping for a miracle, because you are not supposed to recover from foot drop and the amount of nerve damage in your upper body from thoracic outlet syndrome.

In less than four weeks, his human spring approach completely reversed both the herniated disc in my lower back and the thoracic outlet syndrome. My back pain, paralysis of my leg, neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, and the thoracic outlet syndrome were all gone. I have been training with the exercises listed in this book for the past 15 years with absolutely no exacerbations.

You probably expect that medical doctors and chiropractors don’t see eye to eye. The fact that Dr. Stoxen is a chiropractic physician addressing the world’s medical elite at major teaching institutions, hospitals, and associations is something truly unique. Dr. Stoxen’s approach to understanding how the human body moves and protects itself is revolutionary.

Regardless of where doctors got their degree, doctors and patients come to realize the integrated spring mass model—aka the human spring model—is the most advanced model of human mechanics in the world today. This new, extraordinary approach to examining and treating the human body as a spring, instead of a lever, has spurred breakthroughs in medicine, fitness, and overall health.

This new model and the approach have made Dr. Stoxen one of the most sought-after speakers in the medical world today. With every lecture, he puts this new model and approach on the line in front of live audiences of medical doctors, with doctors from every specialty of medicine, including neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and other spine specialists.

Once doctors and patients understand the human spring model and the information featured in this book, no one will look at the early detection, treatment, and prevention of thoracic outlet syndrome the same way again.

I’m one of Dr. Stoxen’s many thoracic outlet syndrome recovery stories and one of the only foot drop recovery stories I have heard of in my 40 years in medicine. It changed my life. I am confident that understanding how your body works, using the human spring model and the human spring treatment approach, you can effectively reverse your thoracic outlet syndrome.



He wrote the best selling book on TOS, so he knows what he’s talking about. Thank you Dr. Stoxen!


Dr. Stoxen is the most knowledgeable doctor I have met on the subject of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I came to see him from Cleveland, and despite very little notice, he was willing to work on me for two days. He is a wealth of information, is dedicated to his practice, and truly wants to help his patients.

Because I arrived with short notice, he still had to see other patients, which he graciously worked me around. I also had the pleasure of meeting several of his other patients, who had nothing but good things to say. Dr. Stoxen impressed upon me the importance and power of good posture, good habits, and right thinking when it comes to facing the challenges of life.

He was so generous, and even gave me a pair of proper fitting shoes, explaining to me the kind of shoe I need to wear and how to properly lace them for support and stabilization. During the course of my treatment I also purchased the handheld vibrational massage unit which is great for many things. It increases circulation and flushes out inflammation allowing for fresh oxygenated blood to reach the area. I have found it very helpful for anxiety, on a lower setting it relaxes the mind and body just by laying against it. I highly recommend it. Dr. Stoxen also showed me the right exercises I need to do to continue improving.

He was so generous with his time, advice, and support and anyone who has TOS or any other physical challenge to overcome is very lucky to see him. He wrote the best selling book on TOS, so he knows what he’s talking about. Thank you Dr. Stoxen!


Wind Hail

I only went for 10 treatments and he had me symptom free. He kept his word to that he would save me from a clot.


Wow Wow Wow !!!!!! My story is probably like others pain pain pain… I have had shoulder pain, numbness, and tingling for many years lost sleep etc etc. I was referred to Dr Stoxen from a mutual bussiness associate. He told me he was the guy for me and that i need to get a hold of him immediately!!! I called the Dr told him i was referred and my shoulder was killing me probably talking very fast and he was like …when can you come down i said NOW!!! Ha Ha he’s like how about tomorrow ?? I will be there!!! I went down got to the office and was greeted with were gonna take care of you!! Im like ok here we go am Im being told what other Dr are gonna say to me as well. I went to see Dr Stoxen because my pain was my shoulder and I was told he was the best in Chicago!

The diagnosis was thoracic outlet syndrome. He explained to me that it is a rare and severe case of TOS. He explained to me I had a severe case of TOS marked by the dead arm syndrome and I was losing my grip strength and the overall strength in my entire right side. He also told me that if we did not do something fast to open the outlet tunnel up I could get a blood clot and that would make things a whole lot more complicated and dangerous.

However his warnings came with a sense of total confidence when he said not to worry that he had just published a #1 best selling book on the condition and had treated many cases successfully. How can you get so lucky to have a severe case of TOS and come to the doctor who is the leading authority on non-surgical reversal of thoracic outlet syndrome in the world. Was I lucky there.

First he put this powerful vibrating massager on my back, shoulders, chest and arms. Right away I felt the energy start to come back to my shoulder, neck and arms and the pain and numbness subsided a bit too. Then he followed that with the most extensive deep tissue treatment on my neck and upper back muscles, shoulder muscles, and chest muscles treating each one with precision placement one inch at a time not missing a single painful spot. This was grueling work for him.

When he finished the 4-hour treatment I felt this major rush of energized blood return to my right arm, I was able to lift my arm to 100%, my pain was decreased by 70% and my numbness and tingling was reduced substantially. I had a lot of my power back in my shoulder, arm and hand and my grip strength returned which was extremely encouraging.

Its not every day you get a 4-hour treatment from a chiropractor. You usually get a neck and back adjustment and you are out the door in a few minutes. His first visit deep tissue treatment lasted 4 hours. I asked if this long visit was covered by my health insurance and he replied “Don’t worry about it. What is important is we open the thoracic outlet tunnel to allow the blood to flow back in and out of your arm so you don’t get a blood clot.”

On Monday he informed me that my insurance only covered 3 treatments. He would make it affordable for me. I only went for 10 treatments and he had me symptom free.

He kept his word to that he would save me from a clot. He kept his word to get me pain free and end the numbness and tingling and he kept his word on putting together a package that made it affordable for me without any health insurance.

I Highly Recommend!!!!!


Djuan Powell


My yearlong journey of misdiagnosed and miss treated thoracic outlet syndrome finally ends with Dr Stoxen!

I started to have pain between the shoulder blades, a very stiff left shoulder, severe lower neck pain. Soon I noticed my entire arm was going numb, accompanied by severe numbness, tingling, and eventually my entire shoulder and right arm went weak on me. I felt this loss of energy in my right arm and my grip was weakening.

I went to my primary care physician who thought it sounded like a rotator cuff syndrome so he ordered an MRI of the shoulder but it came out negative.

He sent me to a hospital based, physical therapist. I did physical therapy consisting of stretches and exercises. They did no deep tissue. They said I had weak muscles in the shoulder blade area that needed to be strengthened. — I had no improvement with this approach.

I went to a chiropractor who said my neck looked crocked so she did massages of my neck and shoulder and electrical muscle stimulation. She did some adjustments of my neck, which were not effective. —- I had no improvement with this approach.

I went back to my primary care doctor and told him I was not better after physical therapy and chiropractic care so he sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist examined me and decided the problem was in my neck and ordered an MRI of my neck. There was nothing abnormal. He gave me Gabapentin.

That neurologist sent me to a different physical therapist.  I went with the second round of physical therapy, which was much the same exercises and stretches. —- I had no improvement with this approach.

I went back to my primary care doctor and he decided I should see a rheumatologist. I went the rheumatologist who ordered blood work to see if I had Sjogren’s syndrome. I found out I did not have Sjogren’s syndrome or any other arthritic condition. She ordered an MRI for my lower back to see if I had a herniated disc. This third MRI came back negative.

I went back to my primary care doctor for the 4th time wondering what to do. My primary care doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon ordered a 4th MRI scan of my thoracic spine. This fourth MRI scan came back negative.

He did an injection of Cortisone in my neck. This made my neck even more painful so obviously I had no improvement with this approach.

I almost gave up. I had seen my primary care doctor, a chiropractor, two physical therapists, a neurologist, a rheumatologist and an orthopedic surgeon and not one of them knew what was wrong with me or what to do to help me. I was depressed and didn’t know what to do.

My cousin recommended I see Dr Stoxen as he helped her with her knee. I went to see Dr Stoxen. He did a very complete history, a very detailed examination and explained what he was doing and what he was finding along the journey. As he went trough the exam he would be thinking out loud explaining the findings and differentiating what could be wrong with me as he went. He was piecing all the clues together and finally diagnosed me correctly with thoracic outlet syndrome.

On that first visit he did this amazing vibrating massage on my entire upper body and my lower back. Already I felt better.

Then he did extensive deep tissue work throughout my neck, shoulder, and chest muscles for almost two hours.

When he got done I finally felt the relief I was looking for after seeing 7 different specialists that had no idea what it was nor how to treat it. It’s been only 5 visits and already I feel 90 percent of the life back in my “dead arm” and the overall strength of my upper body returning. My neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain and radiating numbness and tingling are almost completely subsided in less than a week.

This method he uses has brought my faith back into doctors. Im optimistic as Dr Stoxen said I will be fully recovered without any long term damage to my health. I am finally mentally relieved.


Jason Szeftel

I’d been to something like 5-10 doctors before reading these slides. Once I read them I realized that very few of the doctors had known what they were talking about.


I got something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) in June of 2017. I was living in LA and got TOS following a sports injury. I’d had it for almost a year and a half before I encountered Dr. Stoxen. I found Dr. Stoxen in November 2018 when I was looking all over the internet for experts on TOS. I randomly put a search into twitter one afternoon and image results of Dr. Stoxen lecturing at a podium came up. He was lecturing at a medical conference in Edinburgh. I was able to find a copy of some of his prior lecture slides on TOS and started reading through them. They were way more detailed and comprehensive than anything I had seen on the subject,

I’d been to something like 5-10 doctors before reading these slides. Once I read them I realized that very few of the doctors had known what they were talking about. Very few of them understood the condition, even fewer of them had seen the condition, and none of them had successfully treated it. Thankfully, the surgeon I went to told me the surgery for the condition was ‘academic’ and to avoid it. Out of desperation I tried all sorts of alternative treatments that also had no effect on my condition. By the time I found Dr. Stoxen I was pretty despondent with my condition. I had completely stopped exercising, and was doing a useless physical therapy routine.

After going through the lecture slides I bought Dr. Stoxen’s book. I quickly skimmed it and realized that it was far more substantial than anything else I had read and even more comprehensive than the lecture slides. I knew that I needed to talk to the author directly. I called Dr. Stoxen and he answered me from outside a bar in Edinburgh. We arranged to talk in detail after he got back to the United States. We ended up speaking for many hours and I decided that it made sense to get treated in Chicago. We arranged for three days of treatment that December to work on my TOS.

A week or so before I was going to head to Chicago my TOS spread from my right side to my left. This was an upsetting and debilitating turn of events. I got nervous that things were getting worse and that there wouldn’t be enough time in Chicago to treat everything so I extended the treatment period to five days. This ended up being a great decision because when I got to Chicago I learned that I didn’t just have shoulder issues but had some major systemic issues throughout my body.

Dr. Stoxen did a gait analysis when we met and found out that I had a host of unexpected problems with the biomechanics of my lower body. He also found issues in my jaw and forearm. Over the next five days he treated my TOS while explaining in great detail what the condition was, what needed to be done to fix it, how my other issues were contributing to it, and what I would have to do afterwards to prevent it from recurring. He also explained how my various daily habits contributed to the condition and how they needed to be changed. During the last two days he showed me a training program that would help me develop the necessary strength to prevent the condition from reappearing.

Five months later I returned to Dr. Stoxen after tweaking my neck during a training session. He treated me for two days and during that period did extensive work on my lower body as well as my abs. During this session, with a tweaked neck, the level of compression and pain during the treatment was only about 10% of what it was during the prior treatment. I had more pain in my lower body than my shoulder.

Dr. Stoxen is not only great at what he does but he is also unique in what he does. I have found no one in LA who performs a similar quality treatment. I went to Dr. Stoxen for TOS treatment and came back with not only a better treatment of that condition than I could have find anywhere else but also the awareness of and a plan to treat multiple other contributing issues that no one else had noticed. I still have issues I am working out but now know the precise behaviors I need to engage in to not only overcome the condition but get into better health than I was in before.


Stanislav UaPost


Doctor James Stoxen is my hero! I was lucky to find such a professional because for the last 10 years I was suffering with my neck as my job wants me to side behind the desk for 10 hours a day. This chronic pain was killing me every single day until now! Doctor Stoxen wrote an amazing book with explanation, tips and treatment to thoracic outlet syndrome! After just 3 sessions with dr. Stoxen I feel alive!
By the way I also have purchased an amazing massager that he created to have a professional treatment at home!
Thank you so much doc! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


Andy Liebert


Dr. Stoxen did exactly that he said he would.

I was looking at surgery for my Thoracic outlet syndrome and was not happy with my regular md who just didn’t care about my concerns and pain.

I found Dr. Stoxen on FB while looking for alternative treatments instead of surgery for TOS.

He called me and talked with me about it and it all started to make sense how I developed it and how he could help me.

I went up there for 3 days. 10hrs a day he worked on me.

He did an amazing job and I learned that I had a lot of inflammation causing me depression and anxiety and lethargy along with several other problems that I didn’t know I had and it all was tied together!!.

I feel amazing and learned I need to change my posture habits, eat better and what the results will be if I do.

And that Massager he uses it absolutely amazing as well.
We bought one for ourselves!.

He did an excellent job working on my TOS , my locked up ribcage, right foot was locked up as well.

I am truly grateful for what He did for me. He’s very good and very dedicated to making you feel better.

I don’t think there’s anyone else out there that can do what he does.
That’s the Truth!!

I feel great now after 15+ yrs of pain and getting wrong diagnosis after another and wrong therapy.

I’m extremely grateful for Dr. Stoxen and his knowledge ,experience and Skills.

A+ / #1


Joshua Rodriguez

I can honestly I feel the best I’ve felt in years, both physically & mentally.


I had first come to see Dr. Stoxen at the beginning of June for help with some minor back pain. Upon going over my intake paperwork, & the extensive list of what I thought were completely unrelated symptoms, I came to find that I had a severe case of TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome), which had attributed to multiple Anxiety attacks over the last year that I went to the ER for, thinking they were heart attacks. It also contributed to major mood swings, which had led me to believe I was possibly Bipolar. After 3 weeks of intense treatment, & continued rehab appointments a few times a week, I can honestly I feel the best I’ve felt in years, both physically & mentally.


Sonny Burke


Sonny Burke is a music legend. The Roselle native played piano for Smokey Robinson for 34 years.  As a top studio musician he played on over 200 record albums and 1000 musical assignments including the entire Saturday night fever album, Jackson 5, Dancin Machine, and other Grammy award-winning artists.

One day Sonny couldn’t play at all….he was completely numb and too weak play. He couldn’t even button his shirt.

“It had been going on for four years. I couldn’t even make a fist,” he said. “I went to five top doctors.  First they told me I had ulnar nerve entrapment. I had surgery for that and it did nothing.

While I was recovering from surgery the numbness and tingling started spreading across my left hand then went up my entire left arm.   A few weeks later my right hand started going numb.  I progressively lost my grip strength, which baffled all the top doctors I went to.

Lastly they diagnosed me with diabetic neuropathy. They said nothing could be done about that.  I had to live with it. Yet now the legendary pianist is back playing again. “I can’t believe it,” says Burke. “In three weeks my hand strength has gone from 2% to almost normal.”

“I had given up hope for a cure for my numbness and severe weakness after seeing 5 top doctors who operated on me and did every diagnostic test and treatment they knew, including surgery.  They finally told me there was nothing that could be done so I had to retire from music.”

“Then I was introduced to Dr Stoxen by a friend backstage at a Steely Dan Concert.” Sonny Burke didn’t have ulnar nerve entrapment, he didn’t need surgery, and he didn’t have diabetic neuropathy.

His real problem was called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS).

“When he told me he had diabetic neuropathy I didn’t think I could help him. My only hope was that he was misdiagnosed. When he told me he watched TV in bed…then I knew it could be TOS,” said Dr. James Stoxen DC

Burke may still be suffering….if Steely Dan hadn’t recently come to Chicago. Dr Stoxen worked that night backstage with the group (and over 200 other visiting top recording artists). At dinner Steely Dan’s bass player, Freddie Washington, saw how helpless his friend Burke had become, he brought Sonny backstage to meet Dr Stoxen.

“After a thorough exam, the diagnosis was obvious,” says the chiropractor. “This is one of the most common, and commonly misdiagnosed, conditions in America.” To treat Burke’s real problem, first Stoxen had him move his TV out of his bedroom and advised him to sit up straight at all times.

Next he treated the cause of the compression of the outlet that led to the progressive numbness and weakness caused by muscle spasms surrounding the thoracic outlet with a combination of unique hands on procedures he has developed followed by a specially designed rehabilitation exercise program.

I examined him for 10 minutes and based on the history of how the condition progressed and the exam findings I knew right away it was thoracic outlet syndrome. When I told him that 5 doctors misdiagnosed him and that I could reverse the condition that had left him disabled for 5 years he looked at me like I was crazy.

I knew he didn’t believe me and expected him not to so I asked him “Do you want me to prove it to you?”  He said “yes”  I said, “if it was diabetic neuropathy then anything I do in 30 minutes will not drastically improve the numbness and weakness, right?

So I laid him on his side, laid a towel on the side of his neck and put a clinically strong vibrating massager device on his neck, shoulders and chest called a Massage Assist.  Within in minutes he got a startling look on his face and screamed “My arm is on fire!!”

This I expected and was not alarmed as it meant the treatment was working but he didn’t know that.  I guess I should have warned him.

I calmly turned off the Massage Assist and said “Mr Burke, Do you feel your fingers?”


“Now make a fist”

“Oh my God!  I can make a fist!”

Now, Mr Burke, the burning feeling is also tingling too, right?


That burning and tingling…  It is the blood coming back in your arm and hand.  You have had next to no circulation in or out of your arm for five years.  That is why your arms and hands got progressively weak and numb.  Would you like me to continue with the vibrating massage now?

Yes, of course, please!

Ok do you promise not to scream “Fire” in the Chicago Theatre?

Oh yea, I forgot about that!

He didn’t call me for 5 days because he thought that improvement was a cure but when it started to come back he called and came in.

Why did you wait so long?

“I thought I was cured!”

“It takes me several hours to completely release the compression in the area of his neck and shoulders surrounding the outlet with the Massage Assist for the bulk of the spasms and the rest I do by hand,” he says. Gradually, (after about ten treatments) the blood flow returned to the arms and hands, the feeling came back and Sonny’s strength came back.”

Doctors and patients do not realize how much work is involved in reversing thoracic outlet.  Some cases can take 10 – 35 hours of hard core deep tissue to clear this up.  It is analogous to unraveling a pile of frozen steak and entwined wires with your bare hands.

Many patients with Burke’s symptoms ultimately get surgery. In 22 years of practice I have not sent a single patient for neck surgery and I treat some tough cases.” “If you’ve noticed those tingling or weakness of your hands you may want to look at all your options instead of rushing into surgery.”

“Your real problem may be treatable and this book will show you how to reverse thoracic outlet syndrome with the right treatment.


Maribeth Churak

My TOS is resolved and i am grateful to Dr Stoxen


This book is an excellent review of the diagnosis and treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome and concise explanations of the spring model approach to treatment and healing. It’s equally appropriate for the health professional or lay person. The diagrams and illustrations are simple to understand and easy to follow when learning the techniques he describes. I’ve actually used them and know that they work. My TOS is resolved and i am grateful to Dr Stoxen for his dedication and desire to help people that are suffering.


Hans Goldstein


I have been meaning to write this review a long time because I got a copy of the first draft when Dr. Stoxen treated me in Chicago more than two years ago. I have been doing many of the exercises from the original book when I go to the gym and I am much stronger because of this. This version is more concise and better. I think any one with possible TOS should read this if only because there is so little non-surgical related information on TOS. This is the only book I know of that has a comprehensive non-surgical solution to TOS.. Wouldn’t you rather NOT have surgery? Think those costs through, not to mention the other problems that may creep up, so GET THE BOOK! Thanks and I hope people with TOS find it as informative as I did.