Dr Stoxen’s Video Review of Chapter 11, “When in Doubt, Cut It Out?”

Chapter 11, “When in Doubt, Cut It Out?”

In this chapter I will provide additional information about why doctors want to perform surgery for relief of TOS. After enough attempts, of treatments that are designed to treat lever mechanisms, fail to decompress your spring mechanism, you elect to try thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. You tried everything, so, when in doubt, cut it all out, right?

Don’t forget, doctors are magicians. They can cut the pain right out of your body. You can’t think this way!

Because the doctors could not find a conservative approach to relaxing tight scalenes, they cut them out. Because the tight scalenes are causing a raised first rib, compressing the blood vessels and nerves between the first and second rib, they cut your rib out too.

So, do you really still think doctors do surgery because they tried every logical, conservative approach? You would think there is a more logical way to stop the spasms of the muscles and to adjust the ribs down out of the outlet and tunnel rather than cutting them out, right?

Should surgery be a last resort? After reading this book, you will agree that surgery for a compressive disorder, like TOS and herniated discs, are more like a painful misunderstanding of human engineering, than a last resort.

This is what you will learn from this chapter.

Learn the possible consequences of TOS if left untreated
Learn the 10 reasons why doctors and patients may consider surgery for TOS
Learn when it is time for TOS surgery and when its time to get a second opinion
Learn the 3 main types of surgery to decompress the thoracic outlet
Learn about the transaxillary approach to TOS surgery
Learn the Supraclavicular approach to TOS Surgery
Learn which approach to surgery is better for your TOS type
Learn why you never want to remove cervical ribs without talking to me
Why you never get surgery for neurologic TOS without my second opinion
Learn why scalenectomy and first rib resection cannot completely decompress TOS
Learn about the pectoralis minor tenectomy and why it cannot fully decompress TOS
Find out why all TOS surgeries cannot completely decompress the thoracic outlet
Learn why rib and scalene removal may still leave your thoracic outlet compressed
Find out if surgery is necessary if you have a blood clot in your subclavian vein
Learn the possible complications of TOS surgery
Learn what the rating system doctors use to determine results of TOS surgery
Learn how doctors determine the success rate of TOS surgery
Find out why all the patients could still be in pain with a 90% surgery success rate
Why you never want to get TOS surgery at a teaching hospital
Learn why you never want to take opiates for TOS pain or after TOS surgery
Lean how quickly you can become addicted to opiates after TOS surgery

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