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How Neck Weakness and Fatigue can lead to TMJ Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction

Chronic neck muscle fatigue leads to individuals holding their heads up with their hands from the chin. Patients that do this regularly are usually lacking sufficient resting tone to hold their 9-12-pound head up. Holding your head up by placing the hands under the jaw and leaning to the side can stretch supportive ligaments of the jaw, which could subluxate or cause a painful misalignment of the jaw joints.

Chronic neck muscle fatigue leads to individuals holding their heads up with their hands from the chin. This can lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction

This can lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. If you have TMJ dysfunction, you have reduced your selection of qualified physicians to reverse this disorder to a fraction. There are only a handful of doctors in the world who treat this disorder effectively. It would be rare to have one where you live. In other words, keep your hands off your jaw!

The inflammation from the chronic neck pain, TMJ syndrome, and other conditions does damage to the skin that drinking water cannot reverse. Empty the purse, leave the water at home, so you can decrease the risk of an inflammatory condition making you feel and look older than you really are!

Jaw Examination (Examination for TMJ Syndrome)

This is a problem with the muscles and joints of your jaw. The jaw can develop a form of arthritis and pain just like any other joint.

The problem with patients who have TMJ syndrome is that the pain and muscle tension can spread into the neck and other areas. So, if a doctor wants to give you the best chance of reversing your TOS 100 percent they must have a strategy to address your TMJ at the same time.

I take out my phone and videotape your mouth opening and closing. Then I play the video back in slow motion and we review what we see.

If we see the jaw deviate to one side during opening, it usually means signifies you have TMJ on both sides. It is important to look and feel for any dislocation of the jaw joints by watching and placing a light contact over the jaw just anterior (forward) and inferior (down from) the ear. If you see, feel, or hear the jaw pop out, then you might have a misaligned jaw.

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Share this article with your friends and family!

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