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Dr Stoxen’s Video Review of Chapter 10 and 13 “What Treatment Works, What Doesn’t Work and Why?”

Chapter 10, “What Treatment Doesn’t Work and Why?”

In this chapter Dr. Stoxen reveals my the exhaustive research of more than 2,500 studies in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, part of the National Institutes of Health database. This is the complete list of treatment procedures and approaches studied for the treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome. I can almost guarantee the treatment approach used by your doctor is on this list.

  1. Medication: analgesic drug therapy, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, others
  2. Scalene injection (bupivacaine)
  3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
  4. Painkillers for symptom reduction
  5. Scalene injection (Botox)
  6. Gentle stretching of the scalenes and pectoralis minor
  7. Traction
  8. Ner ve gliding
  9. Ultrasound and muscle stimulation
  10. Different bra for breast hypertrophy
  11. Breast reduction—reduction mammoplasty
  12. Ergonomic corrections
  13. Correction of the ergonomics of the workstation
  14. First rib adjustments, alone
  15. General massage
  16. Exercise strengthening

Which one do you think, by itself, removes the compression on the outlet?

None of them!

Now do you wonder why you’re not getting better?

I will provide simple and logical explanations of why these 16 treatment approaches, individually, cannot reverse the cause of your thoracic outlet syndrome.

If treatment and training approaches are not compatible with true engineering of the body and are contrary to the laws of physics, that means they are destined to fail. And you know what? Time and time again, they do fail.

Much of the current, standard-of-care treatments, including adjustments, mobilizations, stretching, rehab exercises, injections, medications, and surgeries are destined to fail to achieve true maximum medical improvement, because the removal of the tension on your human spring is not addressed.

Vertebral discs and the thoracic outlet and tunnel are engineered with spring mechanics. Doctors cannot reverse the compression on your body’s spring mechanism with treatment approaches that are only effective on lever mechanisms.

What is logical about a doctor not knowing the engineering of a machine he is paid to fix?

This is what you will learn from this chapter. 

  1. Find out why the natural treatment is always better than Botox for TOS
  2. Find out why the compression Botox reduces should return back when it wears off
  3. Find out why Botox for TOS can make you much worse long term
  4. Find out why Botox can force you into a much longer rehab than you want
  5. Find out why you don’t want to get conservative care from a hospital that does a lot of TOS surgeries.
  6. Find out why surgeons wont have the best advise to help you reverse your TOS without surgery

Chapter 13, “What Works and Why?”

This chapter reveals the ONLY two forms of treatments than can effectively reduce the compression that causes thoracic outlet syndrome.
Here I outline the effective treatment for reducing the compression that causes thoracic outlet syndrome. I had a photographer take pictures of a model demonstrating these self-massage and stretching methods that will begin to ease your symptoms and get you on the road to relief.
I also list the most powerful therapy that doctors should be using to quickly reduce inflammation, pain, and the tense muscles that are compressing your thoracic outlet and twisting your frame into a chronic state of suffering.
The reason most doctors aren’t using it is because they can’t get paid by the insurance companies for the treatment. Most doctors don’t do therapies unless they can make a buck.
What is great is that you don’t need to be a doctor to use it, so you can buy it and use it yourself to help you get better without the doctor’s help.

This is what you will learn from this chapter.

  1. Find out what treatments wont work for TOS and why
  2. Find out why the Human Spring Approach is the best approach for TOS
  3. Learn self-help approaches to decompressing your thoracic outlet
  4. Find out what muscles must be treated to reverse TOS
  5. Get all the Human Spring muscle release self help pressure points and stretches
  6. Learn about what muscles lift the floor into the outlet
  7. Learn what muscles pull the roof down into the outlet
  8. Find out the best treatment to relax muscle tension that is causing the compression
  9. Find out what stretches will make your TOS worse and why
  10. Find out about the most effective therapy TOS that you can use in your home
  11. Learn why most doctors and therapists wont use this effective therapy to help you
  12. Find out why lymphatic drainage treatments are imperative in treating TOS
    Learn how many hours it will take to decompress your outlet with HSA treatment
  13. Learn when your thoracic outlet is completely released of tension
  14. Find out when you can do it yourself and when you need professional help
  15. Find out why you should never crack your own neck
  16. Show your doctor or therapist photos of Dr Stoxen’s secret hands on treatments
  17. Learn why it’s absolutely imperative to get a first rib adjustment for TOS

Find out how to assemble the most effective team of professionals to help you permanently reverse your thoracic outlet syndrome

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