#1 Secret to Preventing Neck Pain – Understanding the Righting Reflex

When you lean your body to the left the righting reflex contracts the scalene muscles on the right automatically to hold your 9-12 pound head in this position.

If the weight is leaning to one side you use your 9-12 pound head to counterbalance the weight leaning to the opposite side.

If you sit in this position too long the scalenes contract too long causing muscle damage, inflammation and pain. Nerves sense the inflammation and tell the brain there is damage here. The brain programs a splinting of the muscular thus is the circuit of chronic thoracic outlet syndrome.

The remedy is to stack the head and other body parts directly on top of each other, take a deep breath and totally relax.

Let the reflexes reprogram the muscle tension for you because the brain reflex is more accurate than your learned response could ever be.

Stack and relax

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