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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Success Stories

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I got something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) in June of 2017. I was living in LA and got TOS following a sports injury. I’d had it for almost a year and a half before I encountered Dr. Stoxen. I found Dr. Stoxen in November 2018 when I was looking all over the internet for experts on TOS. I randomly put a search into twitter one afternoon and image results of Dr. Stoxen lecturing at a podium came up. He was lecturing at a medical conference in Edinburgh. I was able to find a copy of some of his prior lecture slides on TOS and started reading through them. They were way more detailed and comprehensive than anything I had seen on the subject,

I’d been to something like 5-10 doctors before reading these slides. Once I read them I realized that very few of the doctors had known what they were talking about. Very few of them understood the condition, even fewer of them had seen the condition, and none of them had successfully treated it. Thankfully, the surgeon I went to told me the surgery for the condition was ‘academic’ and to avoid it. Out of desperation I tried all sorts of alternative treatments that also had no effect on my condition. By the time I found Dr. Stoxen I was pretty despondent with my condition. I had completely stopped exercising, and was doing a useless physical therapy routine.

After going through the lecture slides I bought Dr. Stoxen’s book. I quickly skimmed it and realized that it was far more substantial than anything else I had read and even more comprehensive than the lecture slides. I knew that I needed to talk to the author directly. I called Dr. Stoxen and he answered me from outside a bar in Edinburgh. We arranged to talk in detail after he got back to the United States. We ended up speaking for many hours and I decided that it made sense to get treated in Chicago. We arranged for three days of treatment that December to work on my TOS.

A week or so before I was going to head to Chicago my TOS spread from my right side to my left. This was an upsetting and debilitating turn of events. I got nervous that things were getting worse and that there wouldn’t be enough time in Chicago to treat everything so I extended the treatment period to five days. This ended up being a great decision because when I got to Chicago I learned that I didn’t just have shoulder issues but had some major systemic issues throughout my body.

Dr. Stoxen did a gait analysis when we met and found out that I had a host of unexpected problems with the biomechanics of my lower body. He also found issues in my jaw and forearm. Over the next five days he treated my TOS while explaining in great detail what the condition was, what needed to be done to fix it, how my other issues were contributing to it, and what I would have to do afterwards to prevent it from recurring. He also explained how my various daily habits contributed to the condition and how they needed to be changed. During the last two days he showed me a training program that would help me develop the necessary strength to prevent the condition from reappearing.

Five months later I returned to Dr. Stoxen after tweaking my neck during a training session. He treated me for two days and during that period did extensive work on my lower body as well as my abs. During this session, with a tweaked neck, the level of compression and pain during the treatment was only about 10% of what it was during the prior treatment. I had more pain in my lower body than my shoulder.

Dr. Stoxen is not only great at what he does but he is also unique in what he does. I have found no one in LA who performs a similar quality treatment. I went to Dr. Stoxen for TOS treatment and came back with not only a better treatment of that condition than I could have find anywhere else but also the awareness of and a plan to treat multiple other contributing issues that no one else had noticed. I still have issues I am working out but now know the precise behaviors I need to engage in to not only overcome the condition but get into better health than I was in before.

Jason Szeftel


Doctor James Stoxen is my hero! I was lucky to find such a professional because for the last 10 years I was suffering with my neck as my job wants me to side behind the desk for 10 hours a day. This chronic pain was killing me every single day until now! Doctor Stoxen wrote an amazing book with explanation, tips and treatment to thoracic outlet syndrome! After just 3 sessions with dr. Stoxen I feel alive!
By the way I also have purchased an amazing massager that he created to have a professional treatment at home!
Thank you so much doc! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Stanislav UaPost